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Yellow Curry Hot Sauce

Yellow Curry Hot Sauce

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Bright and zesty, with all the flavours of South East Asia, this vibrant condiment packs a punch. Taking vegetables, chicken and seafood to the next level.

Habanero based and made with all the best aromatics of a traditional Thai Yellow Curry (Lemongrass, Kaffir Lime Leaf, Ginger, Garlic). This hot sauce is incredibly dense in flavor and offers a great bright and zesty profile without being overpowering with heat. Great for brightening vegetarian dishes. Fantastic with white fish, prawns, scallops and chicken. An excellent choice for spicing up a curry or a stir fry. Awesome for tossing roasted Cauliflower in.

Heat level: 5/10

● Naturally Fermented
● Preservative Free
● Vinegar Free
● Vegan
● Gluten and Soy Free
● Nut Free
● Sugar Free